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Before I get into the awesomeness that was FanX and the last three days, I should probably explain where I've been for the last week... (and sadly, it wasn't all spent on con prep)

My Computer died.

It took everything with it. ...including a handful of paintings I haven't had a chance to post here on DeviantArt, and a whole bunch of new charm designs I had been hoping to get made after FanX.

Sadly my wonderful dad and I were unable to recover any of my files (...and I had no backups) so I'm going to have to go to a file recovery place to find out how much it would cost to try and recover my files. :'(

I'll be a bit slow to reply to emails, comments, and notes, and I won't be able to submit much until I either get my computer working again or re-scan and adjust all of my new paintings on my parents computer. :/


I survived my first comic con, and FanX was amazing.

That's the best way I can put it.

I had so much fun selling as a vendor in the Artist Alley, and just talking absolutely everyone who stopped by my table and the handful of other vendors I managed to chat with during the show.

Perhaps one of the best things that happened all weekend was selling out of not one, not two, but nearly TEN items I was selling. (various stickers, and little pony prints)

The FanX was a three day con, starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday, and the very first comic con I've ever attended or sold at. ...and I somehow managed to sign up for it only three weeks in advance, and then spent those three weeks busily pulling together things to sell... >_>

(day by day... the short version)
Thursday was a rather quiet day. I got a few sales, talked to a lot of people, and did some commissions. But it was a quiet day both in sales and attendance. The row I was in was kinda empty, a few people hadn't shown up, and there wasn't anything interesting going on in front of us either; we had the boring side of a gaming truck facing us, while all of the actio happened on the other side. :/

Friday was the day things began to pick up. To start with, five people were added to the row of tables I was in, one guy who had been in our row was moved (to a better location!), and I got moved down a table to make room for four amazing comic guys with some awesome art. ...and I somehow ended up being the only person on the entire row with a display that rose UP off the table. (everyone else had their stuff down flat on their table with tall stuff behind them) o_O
    Sales (and attendance!) really picked up on Friday though, I made back the cost of my table (plus some), did a few more commissions for people, and I sold out of my first item. (a doctor whooves sticker)

Saturday was by far the busiest day of the three, and the best day as far as sales went. I got to talk to a LOT of people, I did even more commissions, and I sold out of even more stuff. ...I also ran out of business cards o_o;
    In the evening my (wonderful) parents offered to watch the table for my awesome table helper (Failuretobeperfect) and I so we could get a chance to wander around the artist alley and properly check out everything that was there. (for the first time in two days)
     ...I also took the chance to sign up for Salt Lake Comic Con which will be happening in September of this year. :D
     After the artist alley closed down Saturday night we all went out to eat and then headed home.

...and then I went to bed, woke up many hours later, got up and laid down on the couch, and realized that I had no more energy to move. >_> (I'm felling better now, just kinda tired instead of exhausted)

It'll take me a few days (or maybe even a couple of weeks) to reorganize everything and get back to a regular schedule, but hopefully I'll be able to re-order the things that sold out and begin preparing for my next con.

which will be...
Crystal Mountain Pony Con
(June 6th and 7th) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I'm hoping to have some new awesome paintings done and ready for getting made into prints before the con happens, so if you like pony stuff and will be in Salt Lake the first weekend of June, come check it out.


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Aww, thanks for stopping by and looking anyway. Half the fun of doing booths like that is just talking to everyone who stops by to browse. :)
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