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I've been doing a lot of cleaning and re-organizing of my bedroom and work spaces. I still have a long way to go before I can work on art properly again, but hopefully I should be able to work better in my new space once I've got everything together again.

I also fixed my computer recently (yay!)

...And I somehow managed to hurt a tendon in my wrist pretty badly, so art making has slowed down quite a bit because of that. :/

Due to my injury, I've had a lot of time to spend thinking about stuff. Thinking about how to improve my art, how to expand my tiny art business, what sort of stories I want to try telling, and just trying to find ways I can earn a living. ...This last part is trickier than it sounds (I have some special circumstances that have made me unable to work a "real job" no matter how hard I've tried)

I have two small cons/events to go before I'm finished with my con season for this year, but due to the nature of artist alleys I'm already busy planning out 2015's con season. I kind of want to try doing an out of state con, but I would need for my last two cons of this year to be absolutely amazing profit wise to feel comfortable signing up for one. (not to mention that I'm waiting for a couple of very large local cons to announce their dates and artist alley prices so I can plan around them)

I've been kicking around ideas for a kickstarter to make my next set of pony charms (main 6 and cutie mark crusaders!), but I need to do a lot more research and planning before I even try doing one. (I have some really cool charm ideas though!)

And I've got a couple of comic ideas I'm slowly beginning to work on; but I've got a stack of other commitments (commissions, conventions, other projects) to finish up first before I really get to work on them. (I have stories, and character designs, but not much more)

And on top of all this thinking and cleaning that I've been doing, I'm about to turn 23.

Before my next con begins I'll be turning 23 years old.

I've had nearly 23 awesome years of art, stories, and amazing friendships.... And I can't wait to find out what happens next.

By the way, you can buy some of my really awesome art from:
Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, Bon-Bon, and Lyra Charms by Enuwey
(like these awesome cellphone charms!)


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
A watercolor artist who paints stuff.


Princess Luna Charm by Enuwey
Princess Luna Charm
This lovely Princess Luna charm is one of my personal favorite charms I've made so far. <3

You can buy Luna at Etsy or Storenvy while suplies last. (I only have a handful of Luna left!)

...and every purchase you make on either of my online stores come with a free mini doodle and a free 4x6 mystery print!

Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia are also available.
Flareon by Enuwey
I'm not gonna lie, this lovely little Flareon painting was just an excuse to play with watercolor ground more. >_>

Materials used:
Watercolor Ground
Watercolor Paint
8x10 Stretched Canvas
Princess Celestia Charm by Enuwey
Princess Celestia Charm
This lovely Princess Celestia charm is the perfect addition to any Brony collection, gaming device, or keyring.

It's available for purchase at Etsy and Storenvy.

...and, while supplies last, every purchase you make comes with both a free mini doodle but also a free 4x6 print!

Nightmare Moon and Luna are also available.
Mer!Chibi by Enuwey
A quick little mermaid character I made to practice drawing Chibi's with.

She has both a mermaid and a human form, so I decided to paint both. (practice makes perfect after all)

I might make a story about her someday... maybe :P

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Aww, thanks for stopping by and looking anyway. Half the fun of doing booths like that is just talking to everyone who stops by to browse. :)
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